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The Rules
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1. Be respectful of others. Being kind and considerate of the feelings of fellow members is crucial to all of us having fun, which is our primary goal.   Note: Preceding a cruel remark with "with all due respect" does not make it suddenly respectful, and will not be seen as such by the Cleaners. 

2. Respect the actors and their privacy. Please refrain from discussing their personal lives and families or significant others. Don’t snark them or any other real people, either.

3. Language and content of your posts should fall within an “R” designation. Additionally, the use of language should be consistent with the Thread in which the comment is posted.  For example, comments in NC-17 or R-rated fanfics may contain more colorful language.  Comments in the 4Fs will definitely contain colorful language! rock on  And just general usage threads should be respectful of the sensibilities of others.  Please censor yourselves as The Cleaners have neither the time nor the desire to monitor this too much; we have a hard enough time keeping ourselves from becoming inappropriate.

4. No spamming or pressuring others for money. The only kind of spam we allow is the kind immortalized by Monty Python.

5. Slander and bashing is not permitted. Flaming is reserved only for The Cleaners when a member has “become a liability to the community.” Then, we get out the big flame-throwers, and it’s off to the abandoned warehouse.

6. If you don’t like certain areas of the site (campaigning or NC-17 fan fiction, for example), don’t discourage or put down others who enjoy those areas. Simply avoid going into those forums and let other people follow their bliss.

-- Edited by Nancy at 14:02, 2009-01-27



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