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A Word from a Cleaner
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The Cleaners (Mods) request your consideration of the following items:

We are all adults (18+)...The Open Board is Rated "R" Your language in a post should be consistent with the Thread in which it is used. For example, comments in NC-17 or R-rated fanfics may contain more colorful language. Comments in the 4Fs will definitely contain colorful language! And just general usage threads should be respectful of the sensibilities of others. ...
Please Police yourselves.

The Internet is a free and open forum (even when it is a private and registered site),
whatever you say is out there forever.

Please do not make reference to the performer's private lives, their family members or significant others in a familiar way. These people deserve their privacy.

Please do not use the performers real names in Board Names (No Mrs. O'Loughlin, for instance).

We seek to preserve kindness and respect among the board members. Rudeness towards anyone, by anyone, for any reason, will be considered "a liability to the community" and the perpetrater will be in danger of being flamed.

Cleaners are here for your technical assistance. (We're still learning too!)

Cleaners are here to prevent spamming.

Pressuring other members for money or contributions will not be allowed. Those who wish to pool their resources for projects of any kind do so at their own risk.

We appreciate your participation at 6 Degrees of Alex O'Loughlin!

One of your Cleaners

-- Edited by Nancy on Monday 19th of April 2010 12:00:22 PM


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Original HeadMistress, Sisterhood of the Travelling Smut
Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.
--Mark Twain

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